Maruhito Kondo Law Office

Legal Services for Domestic Enterprises

Corporate Structuring
Capital Issues (stock split, transfer, exchange, capital reduction)
M&A (transfer of operations, mergers)
Shareholders Meetings (guide proceedings, prepare minutes)
Contracts (drafting, amending)
Negotiating Contracts
Corporate-Related Lawsuits, Non-Contentious Cases
Action on Promissory Notes
Civil Procedure (provisional injunctions, provisional seizures)
Compulsory Enforcement (real estate, money receivables, goods)
Bankruptcy-Related Cases (insolvency, civil rehabilitation, special liquidation)
Venture Support (incorporation, consultation etc)
Guidance on Compliance
Intellectual Property Rights (trademark, copyright, design right, patent right,
cases of unfair competition, negotiations, consultations)
Affairs Related to Labour Law (employee dismissal, conversion of work position)

Domestic General Civil Cases

Inheritance Case, Partition of the Estate (negotiating, arbitration)
Last Will and Testament (draw up, execute, probate)
Adult Guardianship
Traffic Accidents
Boundary Dispute
Construction-Related Dispute, Building Lease Related (negotiating, arbitration, lawsuit)
Individual Bankruptcy (individual insolvency, individual civil rehabilitation)
Matrimonial Dispute (negotiating, arbitration, lawsuit)

International Legal Affairs

Affairs Related to China (establish joint ventures, dissolution,
concluding contracts, permit approval)
Affairs Related to Expanding Operations in Various Parts of Asia E Withdrawing From
Overseas Business Operations
Negotiating Contracts, Drafting and Amending Contracts
Affairs Related to Import and Export (B/L,L/C related negotiations, lawsuits)
Affairs Related to Foreign Exchange (direct and indirect overseas investment,
direct and indirect domestic investment)
Filing a Lawsuit Abroad (collaboration with overseas attorneys, recognition of foreign
judgment, execution)