Maruhito Kondo Law Office

MARUHITO KONDO LAW OFFICE was founded in 1996 by Maruhito Kondo in Tokyo, Japan. Since its establishment, it has rapidly expanded to a medium-sized firm.

The Firm has developed and grown enthusiastically in corporate and commercial matters, commercial litigation, intellectual property law, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, dispute resolutions, reorganization procedure, and bankruptcy liquidation. It is involved in cross-border works and negotiates with the parties in foreign countries for corporate and commercial issues through its good working relationships with many law firms in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam,and other Asian countries. Its role also varies from transaction to transaction, depending on its clients' needs and concerns.

With the advent of information technology industries, the Firm actively handles Cyberlaw matters, Internet, and Internet-related agreements and transactions.

The lawyers work as a team. With the team's combination of skills, the Firm ensures and aims to provide Japanese and foreign clienteles with comprehensive professional legal services as well as multi-jurisdictional legal services drawing from its increasing extensive and multifarious experiences both from domestic and international transactions. Its working languages are Japanese, English, Chinese, and other Asian languages.

For training the younger generation, the Firm accepts externship of law schools and legal trainees of the Supreme Court as well as German legal trainees. The Firm maintains cooperative ties with an ex-associate, Shigefumi Nishizawa, who established his own office, “Nishizawa International Law Office (” in 2005.

>Legal Experience relating to China
Incorporation of a joint venture company of medical instruments manufacture in Shanghai
Dispute resolution on licensing of technology between joint venture companies in Dalian
Establishment of security right on the use of land in Tianjin
Contract on translation and publication business in Beijing
Preparation for incorporation of joint venture company of manufacturing company in Beijing
Contract on the use of land in Beijing
Joint venture agreement of consumer electronics company in Beijing
Contract on licensing of technology and the use of copyright in Shanghai
Joint venture agreement of manufacturing company in Suzhou
Dispute resolution regarding joint venture company in Zhuhai
Loan agreement of commercial complex in Shanghai
Joint venture agreement of retail business in Wuxi
Joint venture agreement of distribution relationship
Capital transfer agreement in Beijing and Wuxi
Contract regarding reorganization to affiliated company
Contract regarding operation of amusement facilities by joint venture in Shanghai
Contract regarding foreign capital investment enterprises in Shanghai
Contract regarding transfer of capital contribution of joint venture company of food business in Shanghai

>Legal Experience relating to South Asia
Dispute resolution, collection of claim and litigation in Hong Kong
Project of cooperative investment in Taiwan
Project of resort development in Taiwan
Technology consulting contract in Taiwan
Dispute resolution between parties in Malaysia